NaNoNriMo 2016-week 4: NOT the end.

Why hello everyone,

Hope you’re all doing well this week. I hope all you Americans had a wonderful Thanksgiving, a safe Black Friday ect….ANNNND I hope all you Gilmore Girls fans are loving the revival (I know I am! I’m trying to savor it; I’ve only watched two episodes as I write this so far).

And yes, I did make a logo for this site to make things a bit cuter (which you might not be able to see in the app, just on the website, sorry). I thought it kind of summed up my existence; the book, the coffee, the writing keyboard, the wifi, and the cute little Slytherin snake. Slowly but surely I’m figuring this website out and getting this blog customized exactly the way I want it ^.^

So yeah, the world has been exciting as of late; the weather is getting colder (well, it’s on and off here in Florida), holidays are coming and going, the Christmas spirit is now in full swing, and if you listen closely, you just might be able to heard the paradoxical chorus that is students screaming for joy at the last month before winter break while at the same time crying over incoming midterms and finals.

Can you tell that I have rather mixed feelings about this time of year?

But enough of that, I’m dawdling on the important stuff. Life goes on, no matter the finals around the corner *pauses in horror for a moment*. In the land of novels and stories, there are a million other things that going on that must have attention (oh geez that phrase got Hamilton stuck in my head. “There’s a millions things I haven’t done, but just you wait, just you wait…). My characters are still in the second act of the story, fighting enemies and gathering information and just generally trying not to die. I think I have one more scene before the plot twist (which I will of course NOT tell you about. Because I like keeping you in suspense, and hello? spoilers! 😉 ) and then the snowball that I have had perched on the top of my plot hill will finally be able to be pushed off to launch this book into act 3. Then things will get really interesting. And heartbreaking. And emotional. I’m so ready for act 3.


This week I reached and passed 40k words! which means that by the time you’re reading this, I’ll have less than 10k left to go. You guys, that is so insanely awesome and mind blowing. When I first started this novel, I had big dreams for it, but when it was put away I thought that I would never pick it up again and I certainly didn’t think I’d get this far if I ever did pick it up again.

Okay, so maybe I should mention that in the last post I said something to the effect that would imply that this week would be the last week of nano. But then I looked at my calendar and saw that “oh, wow, there’s still half a week after week 4. Oops.” Silly me, not checking my calendar. You can tell that I’m an English major and not something involving math for a reason. I kept thinking that there was something off about the word count and number of supposed days left, but I just…*shrugs*

As for things I learned this week…well….

Nothing. I learned nothing.

I’m serious. I can’t really think of anything I learned that was new regarding my story. I usually have been keeping track with a list on my phone, but it completely slipped my mind. And I think that’s okay. I mean, it’s important to learn, but not every day is going to be filled with brand new discoveries and epiphanies, right?

Geez, I guess I did learn something after all. By not learning anything. Ouch, my brain hurts now…


So I guess that’s it for this update. Short and sweet. The end. Or not the end, because we still have about half a week to go!

Happy writing, NaNos! And this time I can REALLY say that we’re almost there…XD



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