Writing in Public

Hi all,

So the new year has come and gone, and it’s been a bit since I gave you a writing update.

School is back in session (that’s definitely not sobbing you hear in the distance…) and with it I’m trying to find a way to balance my school life with my writing life. Since I got a new laptop for Christmas, I’ve been bringing it to school to write when I have free time on campus, and let me tell you. I feel weird.

I keep thinking that someone’s going to look over my shoulder and at least think, if not say, “Why are you writing about people dying?” or “Is that a baby name website??”

If you’re not a writer yourself, these questions may seen unusual. But I assure you, within context they are perfectly reasonable things you might find on a writer’s laptop. Writers are perfectly normal people, they just obsess over fictional worlds that they made up in their minds…trust me, I’m one.

And if you are a writer, great!


As for what I’m writing, I mentioned before that I had endeavored on a new project around December; yes, I’m still working on that. I’m almost finished with the first draft,and then it’ll be on to editing! The word count is around 40K words, so if I stay within that range (meaning I don’t go over) it can be considered a novella.


So that’s it, I suppose. Just a little mini writing update. (cough I forgot to mention the new graphic for writing updates for 2017. I had a space themed one for my science fiction NaNo novel, but I wanted something concrete and not make a new one every time…cough)

Have a lovely day and keep writing writers!