Dumb reasons to NOT read.

Hi guys,

Yes, the title is self-explanatory. This idea just popped into my head, probably on the first day of one of my classes when the person I sat next to said, “God, I HATE reading.”

And I was sitting beside her, like:



And this is not to say that if you don’t like reading there’s something inherently wrong about you, or that I will dislike you as a person. But I am a strong advocate of keeping your mind open and at least not looking down on those of us who do like to read. And the exchange got my brain thinking, so, here we go; reasons for not reading that, at least in my opinion, that are…just no.

1. Reading is boring.

This is a relative concept. And it usually comes from people disliking reading in school. Which I totally understand; I can think of only three books I read in my entire school life that I genuinely liked. (To Kill a Mockingbird, Hamlet, and The Great Gatsby) But not all books are like that. As many types of TV shows and movies there are, there are as many types of books for all different types of people. I assure you that if you look you will find something out there for you.

2. “I just like to watch the movies.”

I know that these days there a lot of adaptations onto the screen out there, but there are tons, literally millions of books out there that have not and never will make it there. Think of all those stories you’re missing out on. And it’s also kind of discrediting to the authors of those books, because they could have a truly brilliant story but then they might start to think that unless their book becomes a movie, it’ll never get attention, which is insane because books get movie famous because they received a lot of attention from readers.

3. Books are expensive.

This, by itself, is not an incorrect statement. Books, especially hardcovers, are expensive. I understand that some of you have financial struggles and that’s okay; I’m a college student, I get that you can’t go out and buy a book every time you want to read one. I’m not talking really to you guys. But there are resources for inexpensive and free out there if you look; discount book websites, the bargain section at bookstores, ebooks, the library…

4. “I read. I just only read _____ kinds of books.”

Okay, what? You’re telling me that the only thing out there for you in the vast ocean of literature is vampire romance? Or zombie thrillers? Or fairy tale re-tellings? I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around this.

I don’t care if you like vampire romances, or if your favorite books are zombie thrillers, or if you just really love a good fairy tale re-telling (I happen to love fairy tale re-tellings). You like what you like. But shooting down every other genre out there is like if I ate nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches for the rest of my life. Grilled cheese is my favorite food, but I would get so bored with it if that was all I consumed.


Okay, so that came out more rantish than I planned. I don’t usually care what people do with their free time, but if you judge me for reading…well.

Please know that this, again, is not to insult anyone, or call anyone out. I just had an idea, and as I’m sure most of the people who follow my blog are readers I thought you guys could relate to my feelings, and maybe laugh (because I laughed reading over this post).

I hope you all have a lovely day😊