Mini Movie reviews (#1)- Jan. & Feb. 2017

Hi guys,

As I’ve said many a time on this blog, though I am a reader, at the heart of my passions is simply the art of story-telling. I love all forms of stories, I love the art of taking someone from one world and transporting them into a different one. That’s why my user is Gail the Fabulaphile (Which is a person who likes stories). So, though I talk a lot about books, I thought I would also like to tell you all about the movies I’ve seen recently.

I’m not a huge movie person. I don’t go to the theaters. I have this weird attention span that will allow me to read all the way through the same book for a month, but ask me to sit and watch a movie for 2 hours? A lot of the time, about at the 3/4 mark I find myself scrolling through my phone, and then I’m confused at the climax of the movie because I wasn’t paying attention. BUT. There are always a few movies a year that I look forward to, and I also have my favorites that I like to re-watch.

Most of these you have likely already seen, because they’ve been out in the theaters for a while. But these are some of the movies I have seen in January and February, with a mini review for each, because I usually don’t have enough final thoughts afterward to make a full post about each individual one.

mv5bmtexmzu0odcxndheqtjeqwpwz15bbwu4mde1oti4mzay-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_Arrival – 5/5

This movie was probably one of my favorite movies I’ve seen recently. It completely shattered my expectations; I thought it would have the common troupe of ‘Oh, aliens are evil. Why are they evil? Because they want to take over the world. Why do they want to take over the world? Because they’re evil.’ I see this trope far too often, in similar forms across all stories. But this one really broke down and analyzed exactly what these aliens were about. It’s more along the lines of a mystery than a typical alien-invasion story. I loved how the Main character emphasizes on the fact that because our human languages are different from their language, so are our ways of thinking. Speaking of the MC; I loved Louise. She was so intelligent but empathetic, and the ending? Are you serious?! Left me feeling like I had a giant crater in my chest where my heart used to be. Full disclosure; this movie is slow. But I’ve found that I kind of like slow, more focused on characters and mystery- type stories. I loved the gradual build up of trying to understand the aliens and their language; it was like piecing together a puzzle.

fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-them-poster-1.jpgFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – 5/5 (duh.)

This has been my most anticipated movie since I first heard it was going to happen back in…I think it was 2015. And it did not disappoint. Like, this is the one movie I could probably write a whole review for, because it’s Harry Potter (well, not Harry Potter, but you know what I mean), and I have just all the fan theories about the stuff that happened in this movie.

Things that I absolutely LOVED:

-1920’s wizarding world UM YES THANK YOU.

-Wizarding world set in America. It was so awesome to see the cultural differences.

-Newt Scamander, precious cinnamon roll Hufflepuff that he is :3

-And of course, all the magical creatures! (The niffler is my favorite:) )

Questions for movie #2:

-Are we going to see any ancestors of HP characters?


-What happened to Newt back at Hogwarts?

51dh5LLyR9L.jpgBecoming Jane – 3/5

I was in the mood for a historical romance, something like Pride and Prejudice, so I went looking through Netflix and found this one. It’s the story of Jane Austin and a love she had early in her life. It was a good movie overall, I was so invested in this story, but then…well, it didn’t end up the way I wanted. And I should have known better, because it’s in history. And I think I remember learning about Jane Austin’s life in school at some point…maybe English. I was so frustrated when I finished it, and even more frustrated that I didn’t see it coming.

(As soon as I finished the movie, I immediately thought of this picture):


Twister – 5/5220px-twistermovieposter

This is one of my favorite movies. I hadn’t seen it in years, and re-watching it I was wondering why in the world I forgot about it. I think my favorite thing about it is this: I am not an adventuristic person; I don’t even like most roller coasters. But this movie makes me believe that I could be a crazy storm chaser. I just get so caught up in the hype that the characters have; gah, it’s just so good!


Doctor Strange – 4/5

Okay, so technically I saw this one in March, but it’s barely a week into March, so I’m clumping it in with the others. I first heard about this movie last year when I went to Disney Springs, and was affronted by a giant billboard of Benedict Cumberbatch. I don’t normally watch super hero movies; don’t know why, but I just don’t ever seem to be in the mood to watch them. But I love Cumberbatch’s acting, so I knew it would have that. And you guys, it was awesome. It was so trippy, like woah… There were times when my mind literally could not wrap around what I was seeing. And my expectations were right; the MC was a great character. I really liked his arch, how he had to learn to shove his ego aside and learn true discipline. The main villain was a bit contrived to me? I don’t know, I think it was good for a super hero movie though. He had motivation, I just didn’t quite fully believe it. Also, I was hoping the cloak would have a bigger role (though I did like the part where he flips up the collar; I couldn’t help but get Sherlock vibes XD ). But there is still a lot of potential for future films, so it has that. Overall, amazing. If I can sit through an action movie without glancing at my phone, then I’d say it was pretty good.


So those were the movies I saw in the last two months. I think I may pop in every now and then with a mini movie review compilation; not sure if it will be exactly  a 2 month period every time; it may just be when I have around 4 or 5 movies I haven’t reviewed yet.

As always, have a lovely day and I’ll see you again soon 🙂