*Headdesk* – On Writer’s Block

Hi all,

I recently wrote a post about reading slumps, and how to overcome them. It was a wonderful, inspiring post that motivated me out of my own reading slump.

Well, now my brain has switched from reading slump to writer’s block. Hooray.

In case you haven’t inferred it, yes, this is why I haven’t posted a writing update in a billion years. My writing schedule has been erratic at best lately, and I can’t seem to find anything to talk about with my project.

I’m about 3/4 done with the first draft, which is super exciting, but like clockwork it’s come to a near screeching halt. I rarely have the drive to write these recent days, and when I do, I end up pulling up the document and…nothing. I stare at the screen like I don’t know how to write anymore.

Does anyone else have this problem? 3/4 of the way through a draft, your brain just shuts off?

I don’t have any sure-fire ways to cure/prevent/solve writer’s block like I do for reading slumps, so I googled a few:

  1. Eliminate distractions (I mean, I’ll try, but my own brain is a distraction…)
  2. Go for a walk (I don’t want to go outside, so chances are I’m not going to do this one)
  3. Read a book (hey, now there’s an idea)
  4. Drink some coffee (Maybe I’m just finding an excuse to drink more coffee here…)

Maybe I’ll try these. I don’t know. Right now, I’m just so frustrated with the whole writing process. I hit the same block every time I get about to the 3/4 mark in a project. Why, brain, why do you do this????



Maybe it has to do a bit with the rest of my life, which is hectic at the moment. School, family, friends, church. A lot’s going on right now, and if I’m feeling stressed, it’s hard for me to feel up to kicking back and writing. I don’t know. I’m really trying not to put pressure on myself, because a the end of the day I do this for fun, and not for any sort of requirement. I’m not published yet, so until I have to worry about deadlines and stuff for a writing job, I’m not going to make myself miserable by making the writing process a chore.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe I was making it a chore, and then beating myself up when I’m not enjoying it. Maybe I need to switch up my routine; write on the weekends? That’s when I get the most writing done anyway.


Well that was a chaotic mess of a post XD I don’t know how to format that better, I tried. But at the same time I think it’s good to vent out feelings every now and then, even if they’re not fully coherent. I initially started this blog to chronicle my writing life, and that includes pitfalls. The writing process isn’t all fun and games, you know.

If any of you have some tips on how to overcome writer’s block, please comment them as I an in dire need of aid. (hahaha….but really, send help)

But that’s it for today. As always, have a lovely day and I’ll see you again soon 🙂