Writing Update – Impatience.

(What? Two writing related posts in a row? What is this, NaNoWriMo?)

Hi all,

I’m in a dilemma. Another one of my self-destructive habits has struck again, this time in the form of all-consuming impatience.

I’m not a patient person. At all. I would rather just get stuff done. I like things to be short and sweet. I do not like having to struggle through months of intensive hard work.

A great personality trait for someone who wants to be a novelist, right?

Basically, this book is taking forever to write, and no matter how many days I spend at the keyboard, I can’t seem to get any closer to the end. And I’m nearly there! I have like a handful of points left on my outline. But. I. Just. Can’t. Finish.

And reading over this post, I found myself start to sound whiny. So I want to clarify: I know that the real solution here is to just shut up and write, and eventually I’ll reach the end. I’m actually very grateful for my passion for writing novels, because without it there’s no way I would choose a career in this field. I just find it a little ironic that my one true passion is also the source of my impatient Achilles’ heel. Hm. Maybe it’s a sign. Or maybe I should be thankful for it, because not many people get the chance to work out their flaws and be productive while doing the thing that they love.

I think I may finish the first draft within the next month, if I’m lucky if I kick myself and commit to it. But I can’t help that antsy feeling in my stomach that I just want to be done. 

Do any of you face this problem? Let me know in the comments. Especially if you have advice. Please. I need help. I might soon start pulling my hair out.




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