Things you say to your Non-Reader Friends

Hi all,

As much as we long to have the rest of the world love books as much as we do, sometimes we still have those friends who do not share our interests. And can we all agree that though we love our friends dearly, sometimes they just don’t understand us? Here are 20 things you might have said to your non-reader friends:

  1. “I know I said that I would be at the party, but I’m busy. [Insert favorite author] just released a new book, and I have to stay up all night tonight to read it.”
  2. “What? No, I do not have too many books. Why would you say something like that?”
  3. “No, you can’t borrow one of my books. Why? Because you never returned the three others you borrowed.”
  4. “Can we stop by the bookstore on the way to the mall? No, I promise, this time it’ll be really quick!”
  5. “You know, you would really like [insert favorite book]. No, I’m telling you: you’ll love it!”
  6. “Sorry, I can’t come. My weekend is all booked. What? No, I wasn’t making a pun there, I really am busy…*cough*”
  7. “What do you mean, ‘why don’t I just see the movie’?”
  8. “Okay, I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that you hated my favorite book.”
  9. “What do you mean you’ve never read Harry Potter?!”
  10. “Yes, I do carry around a book in my bag. It’s not weird; it’s practical. What if we get caught in a long line? I will always have a cure for boredom in my bag. No, you’re phone does not fulfill that function better than my book.”
  11. “Yes, I do read big books. And yes, I like to buy lots of them, so that way if a burglar breaks into my house, all I have to do is throw one at his face, and he’ll at least end up with a broken nose.”
  12. “No, I’m sorry, I can’t see that movie with you tonight. I haven’t read the book yet.”
  13. “Look, not every book is like those boring ones that we read in school; just try this one!”
  14. “Audio books totally count as reading.”
  15. “Yes, I own multiple copies of the same book. No, it’s not impractical. This one’s my original copy, and this one’s my signed copy, and this one is the tenth anniversary special edition. And I must keep them all.”
  16. “No, I don’t need less books. I need more shelf space.”
  17. “What? No, I’m not offering to take you shopping just to go to the bookstore. Pfft…..”
  18. “What do I want for my birthday? Oh, easy…wait, what do you mean ‘no books’?”
  19. “Please, I’m reading. Shh.”
  20. “Sorry I didn’t text you back; I was reading.”

Sometimes it’s tough to be a reader. But at least nothing can keep us from doing what we love.

Have a lovely day you guys. May you be able to read lots of books this weekend. 🙂



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