Writing Update – On Victory and What’s Next

Hi all,


I feel on top of the world! Every time I finish a book, it feels like I’ve conquered a beast. And in a way, I have. It feels so good to finally have everything out on paper (or, well, a word document).

I’ve been working on this project for a while, and since I’ve gained quite a few new readers on this blog, I’ll brief you guys on it. When I started this blog, I wrote weekly updates for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month), where I re-booted this project that I’d started a year before, and I’ve been working on drafting it since last November. The story is a space opera (I wrote a post on the genre here, if you’re wondering what it’s about), and follows a princess, a knight, and a squire as they travel across the galaxy to save a planet from destruction. It has been a blast to write, and I’ve let my creativity run wild while working with this world. I have a lot of new favorite fictional places and people with this book.

And you guys have been along for (most of) the ride! Having this blog to share my progress has been huge in keeping me passionate and motivated to tell this story that’s now close to my heart.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s next? I’ve talked a lot about drafting these past months, but now I move onto phase two: editing. That’s right, now that I’ve laid out my story, I am now tasked with replaying it. Over. And over. And over.

I’ve written one other full novel before, and let me tell you; I have a love-hate relationship with editing. On one hand, I get to relive all my favorite moments of the story. But on the other I also have to come face-to-face with every mistake I made in the first draft. I’ve already started reading through the first few chapters, and oh man. There have already been several places where I was like, “Why? Why did you think that joke was funny??” Amidst the silly grammar mistakes and places where I wrote a whole paragraph to describe something where a single sentence would have sufficed.

Nothing like a bit of second hand embarrassment. But hey, that’s what this phase is for; to make all the word vomit (because that’s what a first draft is) into a polished manuscript.

I’m so excited, you guys. Great stuff ahead! Victory is mine!




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