Writing Update – Releasing my Story!

Hi all,

I told you I was doing it, and now it’s here! I’ve finally finished editing my book, and now I am pleased to announce that you can read it. I will be uploading chapters weekly on Wattpad, so add the story to your library and stay tuned. 😁

It occurred to me that not everyone might know what Wattpad is. It’s an app where people from around internet can write, read, and share stories for free. In a way it works like a social media, in that readers can comment on and like chapters. I think it’s a great option for beginning writers, to get a feel for what an audience might expect from them, and just to generally get immediate and direct feedback on their work. I’ve been on and off Wattpad since around 2013, and it’s grown so much as a platform since then, it’s kind of amazing.

A bit about my story, as much has changed since I was drafting it back in November for NaNoWriMo: It’s a space Opera about a princess, a knight, and a squire on a quest across the galaxy. I’ve changed the title and the cover, so now it looks like this:


The synopsis goes as follows:

“We are but one story, one blink between the stars.”

Gallivanters are the galaxy’s most notorious heroes. Bound by code and honor, they pledge themselves to defend the week, rescue the lost, and protect the helpless.

At least, that’s what Ionia is hoping. Her planet kingdom is in a state of peril; plagued by a disease that hasn’t been seen for a hundred years, she is the piece of resistance to finding a cure, a pawn to be traded off for the greater good. So with only a child’s fairy tale and a need for freedom, she and the gallivanter Carson must embark upon a quest to find a race of people long believed to be dead, who may or may not know the location of an ancient treasure. Ionia’s hope is that it can be used as a pawn instead of her own life – that is if they can find it in time.

Their quest will bring them all manner of trouble: wars, love, even magic itself, and the ever-pressing thought that maybe the story in Ionia’s book really is just a work of fiction.

There are a million and more stories in this universe. Unfortunately, we only have time for one.

If that sounds like something you’d like to read, I’ve already uploaded the prologue, you can read it here, and also follow my account on Wattpad to get any little notifications or updates I share on there. I really hope you guys like it – I have worked so hard on and fallen in love with this story for the past year, and I’m so excited to finally share it with you all. 😊

Also, I’m wondering how to let people on other platforms know when I upload new chapters. Should I link to the story in my posts now? I don’t know – how would you guys like to be notified?

And as always, have a lovely day and I’ll see you again soon. 🙂



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