Announcement Post – Deserting the Internet for a Week.

Hi all,

I thought I’d pop in to let you all know that I am leaving for summer camp next week. As such, I will have neither my laptop nor access to wifi, so if I’m inactive or don’t respond to any comments, that’s why.

I’ve been writing posts to schedule for the days I’m gone, but my scheduling feature hasn’t been working properly. For some reason it doesn’t upload at all or doesn’t upload on time, even though I have things set up in my time zone. So if those posts don’t go up, or go up at irregular times, that’s why and I guess I won’t know until I come back into a wifi zone at the end of the week.

Although, I will have my phone with me on this trip. It’s near impossible to get a good connection there. If I can I might pop in and out just to check on things – though I still won’t be responding to comments and things.

See you in a week! Pray that I don’t get sunburned too bad!