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Hi all,

The other day I read a post by the lovely Breeny’s Books and I had to do it because it sounded like fun. 😊 So today, I’m going to indulge my narcissism and tell you all a bit about myself.

Vital Stats

Name: Abigail

Nickname: None, unless you count Gail, which is more of a pseudonym I write under; I don’t go by it irl.

Star sign: I was born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius, meaning I share a few traits with both, but don’t necessarily fit fully into one or the other.

Occupation: Student


Hair color: dark brown

Hair length: Reeeaaally long. When I put my hands at my sides, it comes to my palms.

Eye color: Light blue

Best feature: My ears are kind of pointed, so when I wear my hair down I look kind of like an elf. Also, I love wearing my glasses, if that counts.

Braces: Had them when I was a kid, and they were the worst.

Piercings: None

Tattoos: Again, none

Right or left: I’m right-handed


Real holiday: Don’t know really what this means, but I would have been almost a year old on my first Christmas.

Best Friend: I have two, and we’re still very much friends. We met in the nursery at our church.

Award: According to my mom, I won a pageant when I was really little, but I have no record of this in my memory.

Concert: I’ve never been to a concert, unless you count orchestra performances.


TV show: It will always and forever be Avatar: the Last Airbender. But I also really love Gilmore Girls, Parks and Rec, and Sherlock.

Color: I don’t have a favorite color, but I wear a lot of black.

Song: I can’t decide on just one! But it’s probably anything by Icon for Hire.

Restaurant: Again, how could I choose just one! But I love diner-style restaurants, and my favorites in my hometown are Waffle House and Steak and Shake.

Shop: I kind of despise shopping, unless it’s a bookstore. So Books-a-Million

Book: What’s with all the impossible questions?? If we’re not including series, I’ll say the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

Shoes: I wear high-top Chuck Taylors almost every day. I would wear them to Church on Sundays if that were socially acceptable.


Feeling: Hungry, because I’m waiting for my lunch to cook.

Eating: Nothing, cause my food is in the oven. *glares at chicken nuggets through the glass*

Thinking about: Other than how hungry I am, I’ve recently been day-dreaming about this fantasy world I created and have been dabbling in writing.

Watching: So. Many. Shows. My favorite of them is the Shannara Chronicles, but I’m also watching Gravity Falls, Cowboy Bebop, and I want to pick 13 Reasons why back up.

Wearing: A t-shirt and leggings: my favorite pajamas.

(Bonus) Reading: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor and it’s sooo good!


Children: No. I’m not much of fan of kids.

Want to be married: Sure, if it comes along. Not anytime soon though.

Career(s) in mind: Author of fantasy and sci-fi. For the longest time, I also wanted to be a librarian, which I still want to do, but actually recently what’s caught my attention is working in the publishing industry.

Where do I want to live: I’m a homebody at heart, so there’s a good chance I’ll end up staying in my home town or at least close. But another part of me wants to live just somewhere else. You know, take advantage of the fact that I have the freedom to live anywhere I want, even if it’s for just a little while. But even if I never move far away, I definitely want to visit other places.

Do you believe in:

God: Yes

Miracles: Yes

Love at first sight: Definitely not.

Ghosts: Interesting question, I’m actually not sure. Do ghosts include spirits? I believe in spirits, but not the dead still hanging around our world. Does that make sense?

Aliens: Absolutely. I can’t imagine that we’re the only ones out there.

Soul Mates: Nope. Nopity nope.

Heaven: Yes

Hell: Yes

Kissing on the first date: Sure, if you want to. I think it’s more important that a kiss is meaningful to you, no matter when it happens.

Yourself: I like to think so, though of course, we all have bad days.

That’s all for today, so as always I hope you have a lovely day and I’ll see you again soon! 🙂



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