Log #10: *Gasps for Breath* Summer, Finally

Hi all, Oh. My. GOD. I'm finally out of exams and the spring term! Geez, every time I finish a term, I feel like I've just survived a war or something. It takes a lot out of you. So I finally have time to relax, kick back, and focus on personal stuff. I absolutely hate … Continue reading Log #10: *Gasps for Breath* Summer, Finally


Writing Update – The Revision Process so Far.

Hi all, So. I thought the frustration was over. I was wrong. I've done a read-through of my first draft, which was great. I like correcting mistakes, even though now my manuscript looks like its bleeding out from all the red pen. I liked just reading through my story - I'd forgotten how far my … Continue reading Writing Update – The Revision Process so Far.